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Cure For Infertility - Why Fertility Drugs Keep You Infertile

The usual first road in finding a cure for infertility is to be prescribed infertility drugs. Although common, this approach has many hidden dangers and side effects that most people are not aware of.

In order to regain fertility, the body has to be prepped by rebalancing hormone levels, and fixing any reproductive issues that could be preventing pregnancy. All too often we turn for the magic pills to solve not only this type of problem, but other health issues as well.

Common fertility drugs like Bromocriptine, Danazol, and Gonadotropins have well known and admitted side effects ranging from nausea and dizziness to hyper ovarian sensitivity which can lead to ovarian tumors or cancer. Typically, you will be prescribed a fertility drug to battle infertility issues and then get other medications to deal with the side effects from the first medication.

Because of this toxic effect and strain being put on the body, the likelihood of getting pregnant and holding the pregnancy to term without complications is not as high as most think. The body is a natural and organic environment, and when drugs are put in place to either regulate or induce hormonal shifts, it affects the system in a negative way.

It is important to find a cure for infertility, especially if you have been trying to get pregnant without success for 6 months or greater, but be wary of popping fertility medications, and be especially cautious when it comes to injections. These drugs keep you in a cycle of infertility and dependence mainly because you become reliant on the drugs to maintain natural hormone levels, which ultimately keeps you in a cycle of infertility.

There are other alternatives to hard core prescribed medications, such as natural or herbal pills to regain and restore hormonal and ovarian issues. However, you should do your research and be cautious of those as well. Although they are not nearly as dangerous, they could just be completely ineffective and a waste of money.

As always, do your staunch research and find a cure for infertility using your good old common sense. There are no magic bullets, and even if a pregnancy and birth happened because of the hard core prescribed drugs, it is usually a one shot deal. The extent of damage done on the body usually restricts it from going through that process again.

Why not find another method? If you have already taken, or are taking, pills or injections you can still reverse the adverse effects of those drugs through natural methods.

Infertility is totally reversible, if you know what to look for. Pills and injections do not naturally correct hormonal or reproductive issues that are preventing the body from preparing itself for pregnancy. Learning how to increase getting pregnant http://herbalpenyuburkandungan.com/category/distribusi/ by understanding the underlying issues that are preventing your body from creating an environment for reproduction is the first step to not only getting pregnant, but carrying to term.

Remember, you are in control of your own body, not your specialists, and making a few easy changes in your lifestyle can increase your chances of getting pregnant dramatically.

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